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Discover the range of rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs

Make the outdoors more accessible. Find equipment that suits your needs from Meadow Mobility. Want to try before you buy? Book an appointment at our centre in Berkhamsted. 

Reinventing the wheelchair

With large drive wheels attached to the back, you could enjoy the comfortability of the traditional mobility chair with added power and convenience. Our rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs are ideal for most terrains, showcasing individual features, such as shock absorbers and adjustable joysticks, for a more comfortable journey and next level control.

rear powered chair

More powered chairs

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Mid-wheel drive chairs

For effortless 360 turning, check out our mid-wheel chair range.


Powered assist chairs

Traditional systems with extra power. 

Looking for an off-road solution?

Our rear-wheel drive wheelchairs are the perfect option. To enquire, call now on

01442 865588

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