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Take comfort to another level with our standard riser recliner chairs

Ensure that you’re always comfortable at home with a standard riser recliner chair from Meadow Mobility. We’ve got multiple options available and you can even have a ‘test drive’ at our centre in Berkhamsted.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Our standard riser recliner chairs combine comfort with modern styling. We have three different options available for you – the Royal Riser Recliner Chair, the Lateral Riser Recliner Chair and the Bariatric Riser Recliner Chair. Each has their own merits when it comes making adjustments, supporting the body and accommodating varying weight capacities. They can also be customised according to fabric and four different movement mechanisms. Take a look below.

One Rehab - Admiral.jpg

If a standard option isn’t the best choice for you, why not go bespoke?


Bespoke riser recliners

That's right! If a standard option isn't the right fit, then get the perfect fit with a bespoke chair!

Don’t tolerate that discomfort!

Take a look at our riser recliner chair range today at Meadow Mobility. Call now on

01442 865588

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