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Get the durability you need with our pavement scooters

Extensive range, powerful, your perfect aid for the everyday. Shop with Meadow Mobility today to view our collection of pavement scooters.

Go the distance

If you're looking for a robust model that can endure uneven surfaces whilst ensuring optimum comfort and the smoothest ride, the pavement scooter is for you. Choose from market leading brands such as Roma and Pride Mobility, and you can even test drive your scooter at our centre in Berkhamsted. Simply book an appointment with Meadow Mobility today!

Drive DeVilbiss - Envoy 4 Silver 1.jpg

More scooters

travel scooter

Travel scooters

Compact and lightweight, our foldable scooters make the perfect travel companion.


Performance scooters

Smooth and efficient, pick-up speed on your very own performance scooter.

So many options ...

Which is the right option for you? If you need a helping hand, our team at Meadow Mobility can help. Call on

01442 865588

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