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Brooks - Superglide 130 T700

Quick installation

Slimline design


Quiet & safe

Low price

12 months warranty

After sales support


Brooks Stairlifts


Superglide 130 T700

Brooks Stairlifts

The Brooks 130 is built to last. It has a low maintenance, high reliability design and is widely considered one of the most reliable products on the market today.


The Brooks 130 runs on low voltage DC power, making it incredibly safe and smooth. This form of power also allows the use of the product during a power cut. The batteries are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. 

The Brooks 130 can be easily mounted to either the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the staircase. Its sleek design can fold up when not in use, allowing complete access to the stairs. The slimline track is fitted neatly to the stairs (not the wall) meaning no unsightly structural work is required in your property.

The Brooks 130 is the latest in a long line of lifts and is fitted with all the latest upgrades and safety features. The electronic braking system controls the stairlift during your journey up and down the stairs making it completely safe at all times.

Standard Features:

  • Manual Swivel Seat

  • Manual Folding footplate

  • Folding arms, footrest and seat to allow easy access to the stairway when not in use.

  • Automatic charging

  • 2 x handheld remote controls

  • Jointed aluminium rail.

  • Display window.

Safety Features:

  • Lap belt

  • 5 x pressure sensitive safety edges

  • Seat swivel switches

  • Lower armrest switches

  • Over-Speed-Governor

  • Isolation switch

  • Lockable key

  • Display window with fault codes

Special Features / Cost Options

  • HD version

  • Manual folding hinged track

  • Automatic folding hinged track

  • Automatic seat swivel

  • Automatic footplate

  • Non-standard seat post (short/tall)

  • Sit / stand frame

  • Guard rails

Max User Weight
Product Warranty
Battery Warranty
Brooks Stairlifts
Superglide 130 T700
Indoor / Straight
18st / 120kg
24v DC (2x7ah batteries)
L/H & R/H
12 months
12 months

VAT Relief

If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible for VAT relief on these products.For more information, please contact a member of staff.

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