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One Rehab


The Chancellor

Pride Mobility

The Chancellor is built to the highest of UK manufacturing standards, and it comes with a 5 year warranty on the heavy-duty frame.

One Rehab - Chancellor


The Chancellor is built to the highest of UK manufacturing standards,  and it comes with a 5 year warranty on the heavy-duty frame*, for your  peace of mind. this dual motor chair helps you get into and out of the  chair with ease, with the dual motor mechanisms allowing you to control  the backrest and footrest independently. Fitted with a luxurious  waterfall adjustable back cushion with generous layers of foam and a  multiple sprung seat base, the Chancellor offers ultimate comfort for  the perfect restful haven during the day. The back cushion is  independently adjustable allowing you to get the comfortable seating  position you need. The easy to use back-lit hand controller (which is  suitable for both left or right - handed use), controls the smooth and  quite motors, making it simple, safe and speedy to stand and sit.

The Chancellor sits in our premium range with extra features  including the tilt-in-space action, which can take up to 25st. this  works by maintaining a consistent angle between the base and back of the  chair, as the footrest is elevated, therefore considerably reducing the  occurrence of pressure sores by evenly spreading the pressure when  seated, and the high leg elevation position can also help improve your  circulation and other mobility restrictions. large expanding pockets are  also located on each side, and with the option of waterproof fabric  there is an option for everyone.

Key Features:

  • UK manufactured chair frame with 5-year warranty

  • Full tilt-in-space action for comfortable reclining

  • Contemporary looking design with luxurious modern fabrics

  • Back cushion independently adjustable guaranteeing comfort and the perfect fit

  • Generously filled cushioning with a combination sprung set for ultimate comfort

  • Pressure relieving seat cushion

  • Generously filled cushioning and deep seat foam for ultimate comfort

  • A safe and easy way to sit down and stand up

  • Back-lit handset allows for use in the dark

  • Assists suffers of arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions

  • High leg elevation position helps improve user’s circulation

  • Dual motor mechanism enables users to control the backrest and footrest independently

  • Supportive, luxurious and adjustable waterfall back

  • Also got Large pockets on each side of the chair within easy reach.

  • large range of fabrics including waterproof.

Fabrics - Chancellor Standard:

  • Warm Pewter

  • Spiced Caramel

  • Roasted Hickory

  • Waterproof Mink

Fabrics - Chancellor Large

  • Anchor Grey

  • Dove Grey

Backrest Styles:

  • Chancellor Standard - Waterfall Style

  • Chancellor Large - Watterfall Style & Latteral Style


  • Chancellor Standard - 20"SW, 20"SD, 19"SH

  • Chancellor Large - 20"SW, 21"SD, 20"SH

Max User Weight
Product Warranty
One Rehab
The Chancellor
Standard / Large
Tilt in Space - Dual
240v AC Input /29v DC Output
12 months

Free Delivery

All riser recliners are sold with FREE white glove home delivery included.

VAT Relief

If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible for VAT relief on these products.For more information, please contact a member of staff.

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