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Karma - VIP2

Self Propelled: Yes

Transit: Yes

Seat Width: 16" / 18"

Max User Weight: 115kg

Presciption: No

Crash Tested: Yes






Mobility should never be limited by distance. The VIP 2 is a tilt-in-space and reclining wheelchair in one.


The Karma VIP2  allows users with partial trunk control to traverse like everyone else and provides optimal pressure relief and positioning on the chair. Its lightweight folding design makes it the best wheelchair to travel with.

You can choose between attendant-propelled wheelchair with 14″ rear wheel or self-propelled wheelchair with 20″ quick-release rear wheel.

The Tilt-in-Space system allows the wheelchair user to change position throughout the day, which will redistribute and relieves pressure.

This feature helps reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcer and prevent discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. The weight shifting system provides a steady smooth recline and a sense of security for the user when reclining.

Sliding is a major concern of a standard reclining chair. Sliding creates shearing between the user’s back and back of the wheelchair and poor positioning. The VIP 2 solves this problem by locating the reclining pivot point of the chair and bringing the user’s hip joint closer to it. This placement synchronises the motion of the body and the chair and minimizes the sliding and the shearing when reclining or sitting upright.

The VIP 2 is lightweight and foldable and fits easily into a car trunk. The additional push-bar makes it easy to push and manoeuvre with just one hand and at the same time, reinforces the structure of this folding wheelchair.

The curved headrest provides a wide range of adjustment and positioning. The head pad angle can be adjusted based on the user’s head.

Unlike conventional wheelchairs, the backrest uses adjustable velcro straps to change the tension and conform according to the wheelchair user. This helps prevent slouching and the hammock effect.

Adjust the height of the armrest by moving it up or down until you find the ideal height. A proper armrest height is helpful to relieve loads on the neck, shoulders, and arms and alleviate stress on the back. No tools required.

The armrest is fully detachable and offers greater convenience transferring on and off the wheelchair.

Max User Weight
Seat Width
Total Weight
Heaviest Part When Disassembled
Crash Tested?
Product Warranty
Transit / Self Propelled
16" / 18"
From 24kg
12 months warranty

VAT Relief

If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible for VAT relief on these products.For more information, please contact a member of staff.

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