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Karma - MVP 502

Self Propelled: No

Transit: Yes

Seat Width: 15” to 18”

Max User Weight: 115kg

Prescription: No

Crash Tested: Yes




MVP 502


The innovative anti-sliding design of the MVP 502 effectively prevents the wheelchair user from sliding down the chair.


The reclining wheelchair MVP 502 allows the wheelchair user to lie back and relieve pressure. Unfortunately, sliding is a common problem with reclining wheelchairs. Whenever the wheelchair reclines or returns to an upright position, the user’s back slides against the back of wheelchair, creating a shearing action. It is not only uncomfortable but may lead to skin breakdown and pressure sores.

In addition to poor positioning and less stability, sliding puts the user at risk of falling off the wheelchair and sustaining injuries. The innovative anti-sliding design of the MVP 502 effectively prevents the wheelchair user from sliding down the chair.You can choose between attendant-propelled wheelchair with 14″ rear wheel or self-propelled wheelchair with 22″  quick-release rear wheel.

The articulating legrest extends in length as it elevates, allowing the leg to extend freely and thus easing pressure on the knee.The V-shaped seat slopes downwards at a 20 degree angle near the backrest to help reduce forward sliding and pressure sores.

This significantly reduces shearing between the user’s back and the back of the wheelchair and the need for the attendant to reposition the user.

The MVP 502’s reclining system is composed of two hydraulic gas springs that provide a smooth, controlled motion. They minimize shock and stabilize the reclining speed. The attendant can lift the wheelchair user back to an upright position with greater efficiency.Attached to the push handles of the wheelchair, the push-bar makes it easy to push and manoeuvre the wheelchair with just one hand and at the same time reinforces the structure of the wheelchair.

It also helps alleviate the pain and fatigue that comes from pushing a wheelchair. There is no need to detach because it folds with the wheelchair for easy storage and transportation.

The armrest is pivotally connected to the backrest and follows the natural movement of the arm when the backrest reclines. You can adjust the height of the armrest by moving it up or down until you find the ideal height. No tools required. The armrest also flip-backs for easier transport, in and out of the wheelchair.

The ergonomic headrest provides perfect support from lateral sides and occipital side, relieving neck and shoulder pressure. The headrest is also designed not to restrict lateral vision for the user.Unlike conventional wheelchairs, the backrest and seat use adjustable Velcro straps to change the tension and conform according to the wheelchair user. This helps to prevent a slouching and the hammock effect.

An extra thick foam cushion that is 3-cm thick, it is comfortable and detachable for easy cleaning.

Max User Weight
Seat Width
Total Weight
Heaviest Part When Disassembled
Crash Tested?
Product Warranty
MVP 502
Transit / Self Propelled
15" to 18"
From 20kg
12 months warranty

VAT Relief

If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible for VAT relief on these products.For more information, please contact a member of staff.

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