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Products : Powered Wheel Chairs

Invacare Esprit Action 4NG

Invacare Esprit Action 4NG

Invacare Esprit Action 4NG is a compact and lightweight power wheelchair for those that like to get about easily. The Esprit Action 4NG provides all the advantages of driving a power wheelchair indoor and outdoor, without the size and bulk of an average power wheelchair.
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Pronto M61 Powerchair

Invacare® Pronto M61 Powerchair

The Invacare Pronto M61 is a popular choice in the powerchair market. Featuring Invacare's Sure Step Technology for smoother driving over lower thresholds, it guarantees optimum safety and stability. Designed with a compact base and centre drive wheels, the Invacare's Pronto M61 has top of the range manoeuvrability. A powered raising seat is fitted as standard offering 12 cm elevation.      
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Invacare® XTR Powerchair

Invacare® Spectra XTR Powerchair

A popular indoor wheel chair with great outdoor ability, the Invacare Spectra XTR is available with a large range of different seating options so you can be sure that you will be able to sit comfortably. The Spectra XTR chair includes interchangeable seating systems giving total flexibility so as your needs change then the chair can change with you. Each chair fitted to the Spectra XTR is built specifically to your needs. The Spectra XTR has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. The Spectra XTR has high torque motors and a unique suspension design providing a smoother, easier ride. Choose from either our 4mph or 6.5mph models.      
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