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RMA Whisper Scooter

The RMA Whisper mini-scooter is without doubt the best in its class, incorporating features, which are normally only available with larger more costly scooters. The unique articulating double front wheels allow the Whisper to travel over uneven surfaces without compromising its stability or manoeuvrability.

When it comes to transportation and storage the Whisper can be dismantled in seconds and will fit into the smallest storage space or car boot. There are no tiresome battery leads to disconnect; the batteries are an integral part of the rear chassis cover, by simply removing the cover the batteries are also removed. When the cover is refitted the power supply is automatically restored.

With the seat and battery pack removed and the steering column folded, the Whisper can be lifted with ease into a car. A simple pin locks the steering column in place enabling it to be used as a carrying handle. Flat free tyres are also supplied as standard making punctures a thing of the past.

The RMA Whisper is undoubtedly the world's best mini-scooter, and is available in a choice of five colours - blue, coffee, red, yellow and violet

Overall Length 940-1020mm
Overall Width 430mm
Overall Height 870mm
Safe Climbing Angle
Battery Size 2 x 12v 12AH sealed
Weight with Batteries 33 kgs / 73 lbs
Range 20 km / 12 miles max
Maximum Speed 6.5 kmph / 4 mph
Maximum User Weight 115 kgs / 250 lbs / 18 st
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